Sutanto Adi Lunarso

President Director PT. Serba Mulia Auto

We are commited in developing the career of every person who works in Serba Mulia Group. The career development here is very directful and structured and also supported by training and self development program. Serba Mulia Group is proven in fostering a salesman to be a Supervisor, a Supervisor to be a Branch Head, and a Branch Head to be an Opertation Manager, even later is trusted to be a Director on top of that.

Sutanto Adi Yongky

President Director PT. Super Sukses Motor

We give career opportunity that clear and directed, with dynamic working environment and reflecting kinship. Employee also have opportunity to go out of city, to visit and to study our branches that spread all over Indonesia. We are also commited to keep developing employee who can show their potential.
Accounting PT Super Sukses Motor
It’s been around 3 years since I work for PT Super Sukses Motor as Accounting Staff. I am really grateful that I can joined to this company. There are a lot of knowledge I can get. I also feel comfortable and feel to have a new family because the brotherhood in PT Super Sukses Group is really close. This place made me to be a better person in many things.
Payroll Sc Head PT Smart Multifinance
It’s been many times that I’ve moved from one work place to another, but my career was always stuck. It’s only after I joined SMF, I feel I have clear path to grow my career. I also feel challenged to learn more. Thank you SMF.
Finance Supervisor PT Super Sukses Motor
To find an enjoyable workplace is not an easy thing to get. Not everyone is lucky enough like me who can get an enjoyable workplace like now. It has been more than 5 years since I joined SSM, but it was not only about job, there are friends and best friends, and also a new family that I found here.
HR Administration PT Super Sukses Motor
I work for PT Super Sukses Group as long as 3 years. I am grateful that I can be the part of this company. There are a lot of experience and knowledge that I got here. The company environment is also very conducive, comfortable and feel like my own family. The teamwork with co-workers is also running smoothly and can support to each other. Here I feel I get a new family. We all believe there is no ‘Superman’ or only one person can make impact to the company achievement, but success can be achieved by the collaboration of ‘SUPERTEAM’.
HC Recruitment PT Smart Multifinance
The time I graduated from college, I was confused of where I would work. Perhaps because it would be my first job experience. But since I am working for PT Smart Multifinance, I feel really lucky that I can work here. The co-workers are convenient to cooperate, the work environment is comfortable, and the way of working is really neoteric.
Branch Manager PT. Graha Mulia Auto
I started my career as Daihatsu sales at PT. Serba Mulia Auto in 2009. Latest promoted to be Toyota Branch Manager at PT. Graha Mulia Auto. This company gave me opportunity to grow and unlimited potential to develop my career. This company made myself a better person, and educated to be insightful person by giving me job training and education that held by principal and also internal. The owner of Serba Mulia Group also support and gave so many opportunity to develop every competence I have. I really enjoy every second I am working here.
Promotion Designer PT Super Sukses Motor
Since I joined to PT Super Sukses Motor in 2013, I got a lot of experience in this company. In the company environment with co-workers, I feel the sense of family and remarkable teamwork, especially now the number of my friends and co-workers are increased. I am really proud to work here, the company environment that made me spiritful and full of creativity so that able produce the work to contribute in company’s growth. I hope Super Sukses Motor will always grow and more expanded all over Indonesia.
Section Head Accounting Yamaha PT. Serba Mulia Auto
2018 is the fifth years I joined and work for PT. Serba Mulia Auto (or 8 years since the first time I joined to PT. Smart Multi Finance) - working in PT. Serba Mulia Auto is the best experience and opportunity I’ve ever had. The company gave opportunity as vast as possible in the aspect of career development. The company gives benefit compensation as well and also yearly salary raise based on employee’s achievement and performance objectively. With everyday life just like a family, it sometimes makes me forget about time so that oftenly I go home over the office hour.
Finance & Acc. Head KOSPIN SERBA MULIA
Working in a noble group is a mandate for me. A family atmosphere in a good company makes a company like home for us.
Finance Departement Head PT. Serba Mulia Auto
I joined to Serba Mulia Group on October 1st 2007, to PT. Bajaj Andalan Sakti to be exact. There were many things to do and to learn so that I got a lot of knowledge and experience. On 2013 I was given a chance to move to the head office with larger scope of work and had many interaction with internal and external. There are so many opportunities to learn and increase our knowledge as Serba Mulia Group employee. My principle is, do not refuse any job that given by the superior, because from there, trust is built and there are always new knowledge we can get.
Finance Staff PT Super Sukses Motor
September 1st 2015 became a historic day for me, for the very first time I got a job and joined PT Super Sukses Group. Until now I have felt the joy and the sorrow working here. I am really grateful because I can learn a lot of things here, whether it’s about work or life experience that shared with my co-workers. In the beginning I was placed with accounting team, but on September 2018 I was placed with finance team. It was really a challenge and great experience since the job desc is different. But I love it. To strengthen the relationship between employee, I think it will be fun if the company held yearly event every Independence day on August 17th.
Div. Head Finance, Accounting & Adm. PT. Serba Mulia Auto
On the date of August 8th 2016, I started my career in PT. Smart Multi Finance, one of subsidiary company of Serba Mulia Group. Multifinance discipline has unique characteristic, complicated yet fun. It becomes a series of puzzle which interesting to be arranged into a complete picture. On the date of January 2nd I was entrusted to be the Division Head FAA PT. Serba Mulia Auto. To be the rearest guardian to look after the asset of the company is really tough responsibility. But thanks to guidance from the company owner who is also the President Director that gives me motivation and self improvement as a leader so that I’m confident to do this task.
Business Director PT. Serba Mulia Auto
The potential of developing career in PT. Serba Mulia Auto is very promising as the company keeps growing on the aspect of volume and network whether it is Yamaha, Daihatsu or Toyota. With those company’s growth, it is required human resources who can focus and have totality in working, and also passionate to follow the career path that has been prepared by the company where every individual will be challenged to be able to fill strategic position and develop their business unit.
Inventory Section Head PT Super Sukses Motor
As long as around 4 years I’ve been working for PT Super Sukses Motor, part of Serba Mulia Group. Here I feel I have new family for the brotherhood in this PT Super Sukses Motor is very close. The environment of workplace that conducive make me more spiritful in working and give me positive energy in developing my own potential to move forward with PT Super Sukses Motor. We are asked to work and think critically for the company growth and development. Always success for PT Super Sukses Motor, I hope it can be the most advanced company and able to synergize with professionalism spirit.
HRD Departement Head PT. Serba Mulia Auto
Haven’t felt it has been 8 years I joined and work for Serba Mulia Group. On Tuesday, February 16th 2010, it is the first day I joined Serba Mulia Group. There are so many opportunities for me to improve all my competence. The company gave me a lot of experience and so many opportunities in developing the career of every employee, and I can feel it myself. The first time I joined, I was merely a staff, but now I was entrusted to be a leader. Teamwork, kinship, brotherhood, motivation and dedication of every person to support each other became my spirit in working here.



Serba Mulia opens an opportunity for you highschool graduate or currently in college. You will have the chanche to improve your creativity, competence, knowledge and also will get work experince that is suitable with your educational background.

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Fresh Graduate

Serba Mulia opens an opportunity for a college student who is just graduated to have the chance of making a career with us to grow and develop an established company which has spreaded business units all over Indonesia since 1977.

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For you who already has work experiences, we open an opportunity to develop yourself with us in favorable working environment, full of support by co-workers and superiors. Be part of us to achieve your dreams.

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SORRY, we have no job openings for Internship.

Fresh Graduate


City selection : JAKARTA

Job description:
• Melakukan riset untuk mengidentifikasi potensial bisnis baru
• Merencanakan dan mengawasi inisiatif project
• Menghadiri konferensi, pertemuan, dan acara industry yang terkait dengan bidang perusahaan
• Mengembangkan branding perusahaan
• Melakukan pengendalian dan informasi pada social media group (Instagram, linke in, website)
• Membuat kebutuhan proposal potensial bisnis baru

• Pendidikan Minimal S1 Ekonomi/Akuntansi
• Familiar dalam menggunakan MS Office
• Memiliki kemampuan akuntansi dasar
• Memiliki kemampuan design dasar (Photoshop & AI)
• Memiliki kemampuan untuk memecahkan masalah dan kreativitas
• Memiliki pengalaman relevan di bidang terkait menjadi nilai tambah / Fresh Graduated are welcome apply



City selection : JAKARTA


Job description
• Memahami dan bisa mengerjakan fungsi AR dan AP
• Bertanggung jawab membuat Laporan Keuangan Bulanan dan Tahunan
• Rekonsiliasi Bank
• Mengerti siklus akuntansi
• Filling Dokumen

• Pendidikan minimal S1 Jurusan Akuntansi
• Memiliki pengalaman relevan di bidang terkait menjadi nilai tambah / Fresh Graduated are welcome apply
• Menguasai untuk membuat, membaca dan menganalisa Laporan Keuangan serta verifikasi data Laporan Keuangan (Dasar AKuntansi, Jurnal, Laporan Rugi Laba, Neraca, Alur modal, Alur Stock, dll)
• Mengerti system Akuntansi dan Perpajakan
• Memiliki kemampuan dalam administratif yang baik
• Lebih disukai memiliki sertivikasi Brevet A dan B


City selection : JAKARTA


Job description
• Menyiapkan SSP (Surat Setoran Pajak) untuk pembayaran pajak bulanan dan memastikan pembayaran pajak yang tepat waktu.
• Melakukan verifikasi dokumen pajak (faktur pajak, PIB, SPT PPN, dll) serta kelengkapan pendukungnya untuk memastikan kelengkapan dokumen pajak sesuai dengan ketentuan dan prosedur yang berlaku.
• Membuat Faktur Pajak (E Faktur)
• Membuat E-SPT PPN & PPH
• Rekonsiliasi PPN & PPH
• Filling & Dokumentasi Faktur pajak Masukan & Keluaran
• Bisa aplikasi semua website pajak

• Pendidikan minimal D3 Jurusan Akuntansi/Perpajakan
• Memiliki pengalaman relevan di bidang terkait menjadi nilai tambah / Fresh Graduated are welcome apply
• Terbiasa melakukan rekonsiliasi With holding TAX, PPN dengan GL
• Terbiasa melakukan proses pembayaran dan pelpaoran untuk Withholding (PPH 21, PPH 23, PPH FINAL 4 (2), PPH 26 & PPN)
• Menguasai untuk membuat, membaca dan menganalisa Laporan Keuangan serta verifikasi data Laporan Keuangan (Dasar AKuntansi, Jurnal, Laporan Rugi Laba, Neraca, Alur modal, Alur Stock, dll)
• Memiliki sertifikasi Perpajakan dan Brevet A dan B


City selection : JAKARTA

• Developing and Identified about company purpose and Bussiness Strategy
• Ensure all the master data of project schedule baseline and approved budget including any updated data based on actual project progress condition and expenses related to the current and on-going projects are controlled and recorded.
• Giving Solution and Consultation to team member to achieve company purposes and Business Strategy.
• Proactively scopes the technical solution required to address customer requirements, assesses customers’ met and unmet needs, and recommends solutions that optimize value for both the customer and the firm.
• Secures input from all necessary solution stakeholders within the customer firm. Adapts solutions, as necessary, to ensure appropriate support.
• Coordinates with team member to align solution design with customers’ business requirements.
• Provides coaching and professional development to team member about their product knowledge.
• Monitors customer support for technical solutions proposed throughout the sales process, and alerts the sales and account teams to potential risks of deal closure.
• Conduct training and transfer knowledge with team for continual service improvement.
• Developing technical knowledge of team.

• Candidate Must possess at Least Bachelor Degree in Finance/Economic/Management min GPA 3.0 (based on 4.0 scale) from reputable Uniersity
• Min 5 years previous experienced as Business Analyst, Solution Analyst
• Maximal Age 45 years old
• Understand Business Process
• Experienced in making Business Requirement Document and Functional Specification Document
• Strong analytical, problem solving and decision making skills
• Strong Leadership, Management and Communication
• Able to Assisting with the business case
• Able to work individually and team projects

Corporate Planning Division Head 1 Open

City selection : JAKARTA


• Candidate must possess at least Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree/Post Graduate Degree (Preferable) in Accounting Science/Finance
• At least 5 Year(s) of working experience as Sr. Manager in the related field of foreign exchange / money changer
• Preferably GM/Senior Manager specialized in foreign exchange or money changer or equivalent
• Well organized and detailed oriented
• Preferably have related

Job desk:

• Responsible for achieving targets
• Has the ability to analyze exchange kurs
• Processing, realizing and determining buying and selling kurs
• Have negotiation skills

Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted


City selection : JAKARTA

• Candidate Must possess at Least Bachelor Degree in Finance/Accounting min GPA 3.0 (based on 4.0 scale) from reputable University
• At Least 5 Years of working experience in the related field
• Knowledgeable in the area of Finance and Accounting
• Able to make and control budget as well as controlling cash flow yearly,monthly, weekly and daily
• In depth understanding in banking transaction, cash flow control and petty cash
• Preferably as Manager/Assistant Manager specialized in fIinance, accounting or Equivalent
• Excellent budgeting and financial report
• Good presentation Skill


City selection : JAKARTA

Job Description:
• Compile an annual audit plan that has been approved by the board Of Director based on the annual inspection plan
• Responsible for the company’s intenal audit process that is carried out thoroughly covering all departements in the all unit business
• Coordinate the internal audit process periodically to produce audit reports
• Formulate and provide input on solving audit findings by conducting accurate and accurate analysis
• Evaluate and ensure smooth internal audit processes by paying attention to the accuracy of the method and problem analysis
• Monitor and evaluate the results of internal audits and coordinate with relevant parties in preparing the implementation of solutions for the findings
• Recommends continuous improvement to internal controls for the organization
• Monitors and manage risk management aspect all business process

• Candidate Must possess at Least Bachelor Degree in Accounting min GPA 3.0 (based on 4.0 scale) from reputable Uniersity
• Maximal age 45 years old
• At Least 5 Years of working experience in the related field is required for this position
• Experience handling operational and financial audit
• Experience handling internal and external audit
• Strong leadership, have a good analytical thinking, detail oriented and good communication
• Able to work under pressure and tight deadline, and good in managing multitasking jobs
• Able to work individually and team projects
• Preferably have related professional Certification


City selection : JAKARTA

Job Description:
• Ensure the organization structures of the all unit business aligned to the business strategy
• Ensure the man power and talent requirement of the organization are met by timely recuirement and succession of key personal through identification and management of key talent
• Ensure the succession of key talent through identification and development of performance
• Ensure the retention of organizational knowledge
• Responsible to manage the HR function efficiently to deliver cost effective HR services
• Ensure all employee data and remuneration are accurate.
• Ensure all employement database, benefit and remuneration are accurate and well maintain in HRIS.
• Ensure the updated Organization Chart with Management advises and approval.
• Ensure Talents Plan are well design and monitored.
• Ensure identify training needs (TNA) and training plan are match with company goals.
• Make necessary adjustment on HR policies and also HR procedures.

• Candidate Must possess at Least Bachelor Degree in Law, Psychologi, or Human Resource Management min GPA 3.0 (based on 4.0 scale) from reputable Uniersity
• Maximal age 45 years old
• At Least 5 Years of working experience in the related field is required for this position
• Preferably have related professional Certification
• Preferably having strong experience in Human Capital Management
• Have strong ability in talent development
• Preferably as Manager/Assistant Manager specialized in Human Resources or Equivalent