Sutanto Adi Lunarso

President Director Serba Mulia Auto

Sutanto Adi Yongky

President Director Super Sukses Motor

History of SERBA MULIA

Sutan Agung Mulyadi started the business in East Kalimantan since the 1970s. Originally known as UD Lima Benua, it sold various household and electronic goods. As the business matured, it focused on automotive distribution and financial services.

The company distributed various automotive brands such as Toyota, Daihatsu, Yamaha and Kawasaki. The automotive business developed rapidly over the years and is now operating under the entities Serba Mulia Auto and Super Sukses Group. The company’s dealerships are in various locations in Kalimantan and East Indonesia.

To support the sales of cars and motorcycles, the company provided financing to customers. This was how the financial services side of the company developed over time to include a multifinance business, pawnshops and savings and loans business.

With a strong business and financial foundation put in place by our founder, Serba Mulia Group has grown continuously. Leadership of the company has been given to his sons: Sutanto Adi Lunarso and Sutanto Adi Yongky, who have succeeded in expanding and strengthening Serba Mulia Group.

By consistently maintaining and cultivating its business philosophy, there are now 15 business units under Serba Mulia Group, divided into 3 main pillars: Serba Mulia Auto, Super Sukses Group, and Financial Services. Each business unit is run by well-qualified and highly experienced professionals.


To be the best automotive and financing company in Indonesia


  1. To provide high quality and optimal service so that able as to give value-add to all parties
  2. To maximize the synergy between subsidiaries of company
  3. To operate the business well with high integrity
  4. To balance between commercial and social aspect in the society



  • Win-Win


  • Sense of Control
  • Sense of Urgency


  • Integrity
  • Openness
  • Accountability


Dealer Yamaha

Yamaha Dealership. Established in 1977, located at East Kalimantan & Nusa Tenggara. 12 branch offices in 2018.

Dealer Toyota

The largest Toyota Dealership in East Kalimantan. Established in 1981.

Dealer Daihatsu

Daihatsu Dealership. Established in 1984. 4 branch offices in Indonesia in 2018.

Main Dealer Kawasaki

Kawasaki Main Dealership. Established in 1995. 28 branch offices in Indonesia in 2018.

Dealer Chevrolet

Chevrolet Dealer in East Java. Established in 2007.

Smart Multi Finance

Focused on working capital and multipurpose financing with the collateral of certificate of vehicles ownership (BPKB). as collateral 55 branch offices in 2018 in all over Indonesia.

Distributor Castrol

Castrol Distribution. Established in 2013. Distributed for East Kalimantan & Jabodetabek market.

Dealer TVS

TVS Main Dealer in Jakarta. Established in 2013.

Gadai MAS

PT MAS Agung Sejahtera (MAS) with the trademark of Gadai MAS is the largest privately owned pawnshop company in Indonesia which was established in 2014 and 77 branch offices spread across Indonesia.

KOSPIN Serba Mulia

A Saving and Loan Cooperative established in 2016. 16 branch offices spread across Java.


Danain is the first collateralized peer-to-peer (P2P) lending in Indonesia. Danain is established in 2017.

Gadai Sukses Aneka Mulia

PT Gadai Sukses Aneka Mulia is pawnshop company that was established in 2018. Gadai Sukses Aneka Mulia has 7 branches in Jakarta & West Java region.