Anniversary 40th Serba Mulia Group

18 November 1979 - 18 November 2019

Today, Serba Mulia Group is having 40th Anniversary in Head Office of Serba Mulia which is located in Jl. Boulevard Raya, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta which is attended by Board of Directors on behalf of Business units which are supervised under Serba Mulia Group.

The event is started by an opening speech from Mr. S.A Lunarso as the Director of Serba Mulia Group which is followed by praying and slicing off cakes, symbolized as a bless. Under this opportunity, every employee gathers the event in a purpose of listening to the hopes which is conveyed by the Founder of Serba Mulia Group, Mr. S.A Mulyadi.

Under his speech, Mr S.A Mulyadi has conveyed that “I have been pleasure and fascinated that our company has been 40 years which was established in 18 November 1979. We have been grateful towards the willingness of the god which has blessed and progressed this company for today up until the future. I have been excited upon the advancements which have been gained starting from the automotive business and now we have developed our business into financial sector, whereas our pawnshop has currently become one of the biggest private enterprise. In spite of his happiness to the development of the company, the dedication of the employee has made him proud which is believed to be able to leverage the company’s progression. In 2020, There will be many projects which are incredible as well as innovative for our group.
Within our hope, our company will be strived and blessed by the god.
My hope for the future, we always have to fight for facing any bigger obstacles.
My Last Word, Go Serba Mulia Group. Bravo! Fantastic!

The event is continued to the Anniversary event of Kospin Serba Mulia, establishing 18 November 2019, has celebrated for the 6th Anniversary.