Supporting the Program of Financial Literacy, Danain runs a cooperation with Halofina

PT Mulia Inovasi Digital melalui platform Danain fully supported the government’s program in increasing the financial literacy of the society. In order to achieve the purpose, Danain ran a cooperation with Halofina which is a planner of personal financial on a basis of technology.

All this time, the activity of financial management has been tending to be regarded as complicated. Starting from this paradigm, Halofina served a concept of financial manangment which utilized the assistant virtual easily. Chatbot “Robo Advisor” Halofina will accompany personally to the user. Through a series of personal assessment, it will be the first time for the user to access Halofina. That particular step was taken so that the system of Halofina could learn the user’s character and recommend your best financial need.

As the platform of planer digital financial, Halofina is hoped to be the medium of educating the people relating to the importance of the investment in the future. Other than conventional investment, Investment of Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending has been more developing and according to the millennial’s characteristics which tends to be simple and digital-oriented.

According to CEO & Co-Founder Danain Budiardjo Rustanto, the influence of Halofina in increasing the financial literacy has been quite significant. As explained, recently there has been society that still do not have the understaring on how to develop money in a right way.

Basically, the Features in Halofina will ease the users to realize its financial purpose. On the other side, the presence of Danain as platform is considered as presence for those who are interested in developing their funds beneficially, safely, and easily. In regards to this situation, the cooperation between Danain and Halofina is hoped to enable increasing the people’s interest on investment, especially in sector P2P” said Budiardjo

Budiardjo added, Danain is the first platform P2P Lending in Indonesia which uses collateral such as: Gold Jewelry and Metals. The benefit which is offered by Danain could reach 120% per year, minum 8% per year.

In order to minimize the risk of failed payment, as Budiardjo continued, Danain took in hand one of the largest private mortgage company in Indonesia, PT Mas Agung Sejahtera (PT MAS). If the borrower could not repay the loan within 4 months (maximum tenor). PT Mas will still return the cost and interest to the lender without deduction

Danain also provides autobid’s feature which could help and ease the funder to conduct diversification dan re-invest automatically to various available loans. Nonetheless, the benefit which will be received by funder will get bigger due to the availability of compounding effect.

The collaboration of Danain and Halofina was hoped to enable increasing the financial literacy of Indonesians which is still categorized a low. The higher the level of the financial literacy, the bigger the opportunity of financial inclusivity will be realized.