In response to Covid-19 Pandemic, Gadai MAS DKI invites Customers to participate Coloring Competion from Home

In the celebration of 2020 National Education’s Day, Gadai Mas DKI arranged coloring competition in a purpose of spreading the awareness of #stay at home within the topic of Ramadhan’s month “Indahnya Takbir Ramadhan 1441 H bersama Gadai MAS” to the customers.

Instead of celebrating National Education’s Day, this program constitutes to support government’s program in the outbreak of covid-19 which was #studyathome. This event was conducted in form of online through the electronical devices which was regarded as an effort of anticipation to the current spread of Covid-19 which has been circulating around the world.

The Director of Gadai MAS DKI, Arif Indra Nurhani stated that “Recently, we are in the unexpected situations. We are obliged to keep distance among each other which has encouraged us to do the activities at home. Therefore, We are here to always stick together with you and our family in these hardship days” Saturday (9/5).

“CFH (Coloring From Home) which is a coloring competition from home, is an effort to ensure that the children will remain entertained, creative, and productive at home. In following the government’s advice to “stayathome, we participate in flattening the spread of covid19. Meanwhile Parents work from, children could also productively work from home” said Arief Indra Nurhani.

The Participants from CFH are the customers of Gadai MAS DKI from the category of age 6-12 as they are still in Elementary School. Gadai MAS DKI consists of 9 branch offices in Jakarta (Rawamangun, Kelapa Gading, Klender, Halim, Melawai, Pondok Labu, Jagakarsa, Joglo, and Kalisari). The registered children are participating the competition to get masks and free snacks. Last but not least, the winner of the competition will get cashes.

The participants were participating the competition in their own home which was accompanied by their own family. The Participants were divided into 2 groups, such as: Gadai MAS DKI 1 and Gadai MAS DKI 2 with the total of 40 pupils. The competition which was held on Saturday, 9 Mei 2020 was expected to be an entertained event which could also be functioned to be a spare time in awaiting of fasting break’s time.