PT Smart Multi Finance receives a Credit valued as RP 50 Billions from BTPN

The signing credit agreement which is conducted in Wednesday, 14 August 2019 in BTPN Tower, Jakarta, has resulted the first time for BTPN giving the credit’s facility to the PT Smart Multi Finance. The signing agreement had been attended by Prasetyo Herwidi as the Head of Consumer Finance Sales from BTPN and Peter Wangkar as the Executive Director and Sutanto Adi Lunarso as the Commissionaire of PT Smart Multi Finance.

The signing of the credit agreement with BTPN for the first time has proved that there have been many banks in Indonesia trusting upon the credibility of PT Smart Multi Finance. The trust that PT Smart Multi Finance has received will indeed maximize the performance in lending to the society which has been in line with the vision and mission in purpose of increasing the prosperity.

As regard of the challenge of the financing industry currently lies under the speed’s process and the quality of the financing, therefore, Smart Multi Finance will accept the challenge by applying the digital technology in the marketing’s financing for reaching out the market’s segment in a wider sense.