Smart Finance has received Credit valued as Rp 180 Billions from Bank Mega

Smart Multi Finance and Bank Mega have agreed on cooperation regarding to the Credit’s agreement on Sunday, 25 March 2019 located in main office of Bank Mega in Jakarta. The facility of credit was given for Rp 180 Billions

During the Signature of the agreement, Bank Mega was represented by Mr. Leonard Panjaitan as Head of Indirect Channel, Meanwhile, Smart Finance was represented by Peter Wangkar as the CEO, which was witnessed by S.A Mulyadi as the Founder, Sutanto Adi Lunarso as the First Commissionaire, Sutanto Adi Yongki as the Commissionaire as well as Jack L as the Business Director and Petrus Denny Arijawan B as the Director of Asset. The distribution of credit which was valued as Rp 10 Billions was given in order to strengthen Smart Multi Finance in fulfilling the necessity of multipurpose lending and capital’s distribution to society. From the cooperation with has been agreed, Bank Mega will always be hoped to be one of the strategic partner in utilizing the financial services for Smart Finance.

Peter Wang as the CEO of Smart Finance has added that the business units on small and medium scale have been scattered in Indonesia, knowing the fact that household necessity has been increasing both for Daily and Educational needs. Therefore, the endorsement funds from Banking’s sector has been hoped to the maximization of the distribution of capitals and multipurpose loans to the society.

Nevertheless, the presence of Smart Finance as one of the financing institution on the basis of lending within collateral and fiduciary needs the availability of the funds, thus, the financial needs of the society will be complemented. Within the existence of this particular credit’s facility, Smart Finance will be hoped to keep concentrating on concrete program which is directly associated with society.

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