Smart Finance has again received an award from Infobank under the category of top fifth biggest Finance company within the Asset below 500B–1T

PT Smart Multi Finance (Smart Finance) has again received award from infobank under the category of top fifth biggest Finance company which predicates a good company. In the middle of 2019, the magazine of Infobank has released 32 Multifinance which has assets valued as 50 billion up to 1 trillion. One of the result shows that there are 16 Financing Companies which has achieved great satisfaction under the version of infobank magazine, as such, one of the fifth biggest corporations are: Mega Finance, MNC Guna Usaha Indonesia, Swadharma Bhakti Sedaya Finance, Karunia Multifinance and Smart Multifinance.

From those 5 Financial Company which is regarded as the most excellent, Smart Multifinance is the most successful which has achieved excellent reputation regarding to the result of the most progressed performance among the other top big 5 financial companies. Smart Multifinance led by Yan Peterwangkar as the CEO, has successfully made serveral big changes in every aspect. According to CEO Smart Multifinance, Smart Multifinance is targeted to get first or second place under this category.
Under the structure of the company’s organization, the Boards of Director and the whole employee have been grateful due to the performance of the company which does not receive loss like previous years. In regards of the increasing profits, we will always hope strive our best performance.

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