Smart Finance Gained Credit Facility From BNI & Bank Sampoerna Ror The Total Amount of 225 Billion

PT Smart Finance cooperated with PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) and Bank Sahabat Sampoerna regarding to the loan facility. The agreement of the parties was signed under trilateral agreement.

BNI and Bank Sahabat Sampoerna had given the credits and working capital for Rp 175 Billion and Rp 50 Billion. The credit facility which has been received by PT Smart Finance will be allocated for its business development.

The Business Director of PT Smart Finance, Jackson Lim stated that the given credit will be given for tenor 4 years and it could be liquidated in 12 months. On January, Smart Finance has been funded for Rp 100 Billion from Bank BRI. Thereby, PT Smart Finance has 3 commitments in 2020.

“Previously, we have run cooperation with other banks, such as: Bank BRI, Bank Mega Syariah, Bank Ina, Bank BTPN, Bank BJB and the other several banks.” said Jackson Lim in Jakarta, which has been quoted on Friday, 13 March 2020.

According to Jackson, the funds which is flowed from the 3 banks will be concentrated in fulfilling the needs of working capital’s payment for the micro small and medium enterprises (MSME) as well as multipurpose credit in Eastern part of Indonesia, such as: Papua, Sorong, Irian Jaya, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), and Kalimantan. On the other side, the areas in Sumatera (Lampung, Jambi and Pekanbaru), Jawa Timur, as well as DKI Jakarta have also been privileged.

Smart Finance is optimistic that the given funds will be totally absorbed to fulfill any kinds of working capital as well as the multipurpose credits. Nonetheless, the potential in payment to the sector of micro small and medium enterprises is still regarded as quietly high. “In fulfilling any kinds of civil needs like housing, marriage, school, and the other consumption needs, we offer our excellence product in multipurpose credits, which is so-called as Multipurpose Finance with collateral in Books’ vehicle title both of cars and motorcycle (BPKB),” stated.

Although, we still have high commitments, however, in 2020, corporation has set out the target in the increase of payment to 7% or RP 800 Billion, knowing there are certain hindrance which slow down the economy growth due to the outbreak of corona virus in Indonesia.

On the other hand, PT Smart Finance has been focusing on the payment to automotive in cars and motorcycle by 75% and 25%. “We are not being expansive by opening branches and new products, whereas, we only focus on the well-established business which are the payment in working capital and multipurpose with collateral in Books’ vehicle title both of cars and motorcycles (BPKB).

He admitted, the massive numbers of start up in financial technology sector (fintech) has sharpened the business competition in financial sector. Due to that, the increase of payment in motorcycle is not as satisfied as cars. Therefore, the existence of fintech companies do not effect on the performance of credits in working capital and the multipurpose by financing ceiling above Rp 20 million.

In 2019, the increase in multipurpose and credits in working capital PT. Smart Finance is still proven to remain stable at 7%. “Up until now, fintech could not have touched the consumer’s payment in financial ceiling above Rp 100 million. They are generally in retail segment within the credits value below Rp 20 million,” added by Nani Susanti, Finance & Accounting Director PT. Smart Finance.

In order to expand the market, as Nani stated before, her party will optimize the business potential until Semester II – 2020. “Recently, we are still observing the situation whereas we preserve our business performance by pressing the NPF (Non Performing Finance) in 1,7%. We have also expanded our business by opening branches in rural areas at Pulau Jawa and next year in Bali”.

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