Smart Multi Finance receives Rp 100 Billions from Bank Rakyat Indonesia

Smart Multi Finance and PT Bank Rakyat have agreed on mutual agreements regarding to the Motorcycle’s Credit and Facility of Uncommited Line which was valued as Rp 100 Billions

The signature of agreements was conducted in Jakarta, Wednesday (10/4) BRI was represented by Sutadi as EVP Consumer Credit Division and Smart Multi Finance was represented by Peter Wangkar as the CEO which was witnessed by S.A Lunarso as the First Commissionaire and S.A Yongki as the Second Commissionaire

“This mutual agreement is indicated as how the level of the BRI’s trust is truly high towards Smart Finance by receiving the payment’s facility for 100 Billion” said Peter Wangkar in Jakarta, 10 April 2019

This mutual agreement has proved that there have been more banks trusting the performance of Smart Multi Finance in terms of the distribution of the good quality of payment in the midst of the tightness of the competition under the sector of payment’s industry.

As regard of the challenge of the financing industry currently lies under the speed’s process and the quality of the financing, therefore, Smart Multi Finance will accept the challenge by applying the digital technology in the marketing’s financing for reaching out the market’s segment in a wider sense.

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